Yoga has so many amazing benefits and I believe that everyone needs more Yoga in their lives.  Daily yoga practice helps create balance, mindfulness and peace within.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Learn to use your lungs and breathe correctly
  • Prevent injuries and illness
  • Promotes a better nights sleep
  • Helps build strength, fitness, flexibility and endurance
  • Allows us to stop and be mindful
  • Helps loose weight and tone up
  • Improve posture and back pain
  • Maintain a youthful appearance, as the oxygenation & cleansing from improves skin tone
  • Works every system of the body; cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic, endocrine, immune, digestive, reproductive, muscular & skeletal
  • Works every organ, gland, muscle, tendon & ligament
  • Improves heart & lung capacity
  • Helps coordination
  • Helps to develop a mental strength, being able to hold the poses for a length of time
  • Promotes greater flexibility of your spine in its full range of motion, allowing the central nervous system to function optimally, resulting in high levels of energy

We use the Heat to help

  • Muscles, fascia and connective tissue become more elastic, allowing for greater flexibility with less chance of injury
  • Promotes sweating which assists the detoxification process
  • We are able to access a greater range of motion as we move in the heat
  • Gives us the ability to burn more fat in the hot room and help loose excess body fat
  • Higher temperatures improve the function of the nervous system, meaning that messages are carried more rapidly to and from the brain or spinal cord (you think clearer)
  • Provides strengthening of willpower, self control and determination through the challenging environment

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