Experience your mind and body through a different lens – Feldenkrais Technique 22 August

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Feldenkrais Workshop

This is a workshop about linking your Yoga Practice to something that is most important- understanding your own method of movement.

Accredited Feldenkrais practitioner and certified awareness-through-movement teacher, Daniel Levy, will show you new mindfulness techniques, while delving into what it means to be flexible, and opening up new possibilities with the way you move.

You will explore treating your mind and your body with “self-care”, and apply it to a few yoga poses, along with a special pose of your choosing.

Join Daniel for something new & transformative

Saturday 22nd AUGUST 10:45 am-2pm

WorkShop Outline
  • Introduction
  • Yoga Pose (difficult)
  • Pelvic floor mindful movement lesson
  • Anatomy show-and-tell
  • Reflections + Learning
  • Breathing mindful movement lesson
  • Small break
  • Bending mindful movement lesson
  • Yoga Pose (easier)
  • Conclusion

Visit refreshreboot.com.au/workshops to book you place now for $45
(limited spaces available)