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New to Yoga ? Here are the classes you recommend for you to begin with.....

Are you just beginning your yoga journey and unsure where to start ? We get a lot of questions from our new students about what classes to start with…

Remember: It’s better to ease into yoga. This allows your body time to get used to the movement and build strength, balance, and flexibility. Taking it slowly also gives you an opportunity to learn specific “skills” yoga builds—such as moving with grace and fluidity.

We recommend starting your yoga journey with: 
Hot Yin, Slow Hot Flow,  Relax, Revive, Recharge or Hot Hatha. 

Please see our full timetable here to book. 

Power Yoga

This hot flow class is one of our favourite hot classes. It takes place in a heated room, 33 degrees Celsius. A dynamic class that mobilises and detoxifies your body. The flow part of the class comes from the natural transition from one pose to the next where your focus will be on connecting your movement to your breath. A sweat-dripping class leaving you challenged, refreshed and fulfilled. This class is best suited to yoga students who have a regular practice or have done yoga in the past.

Hot Yin

Yin Yoga is like heaven on earth. Yin targets the deep tissues of your body in a way unlike any other yoga practice. A Yin pose is one that is held between 2-5 mins. In return, your connective tissues are gently stretched. Your body responds by making its tissues longer and stronger. this is performed in a hot room to get the muscles relaxed and warm.  This class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience.  

Flyhigh yoga

Fly High Yoga is a popular and new style of aerial yoga The belt is a simple and unique tool for a gravity defying, creative, fun, precise and alignment-based style of yoga.

With the Fly High Yoga belt, you are able to do regular yoga poses (and other gravity defying moves) in a supported way.
This makes the progression of your practice easier, more precise, more intense and more fun!  This class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience.  

Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga class is conducted in a room intentionally heated to 40 degrees Celsius. The heat allows you to more deeply work your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This temperature also allows you to rejuvenate and transform your body from the inside out. You’re being a good student of Bikram Yoga is not so much about performing the postures. Instead, it’s about your focus, strength, breathing, and stillness.  Persistence, not perfection is what will make you an excellent Bikram Yoga student. That’s why Bikram Yoga was created for people of all levels – newcomers and advanced students. The more you put into your class, the more benefits you receive.  Practising Bikram Yoga can change your life and energise your entire body. Bikram Yoga improves your health through a series of twenty-six (26) postures and two (2) breathing exercises. Each posture is completed in a specific order to optimise your health and longevity.

Hot Power with props

This class is a fun and challenging power yoga class with the option to use additional props to test our balance and focus. This class can be challenging but is lots of fun. A great way to get a sweaty hot yoga workout into your practice. 

Relax, Revive, Recharge

A calming and soothing ‘Yoga Class’ incorporating a flow based  practice in a heated room. We use candles and aromatherapy to help us relax, recharge and revive. We start the class with a short meditation , then start to flow and create a little workout warming up our internal organs before cooling down with a short relaxation. A great way to finish the day and this class it suitable for beginners  

Slow Hot flow

Embrace a state of flow. This yoga class is great for beginners, explorative and challenging. Incorporating creative sequencing, anatomical focus areas and traditional teachings, Using the physical body as a tool of transformation and self-discovery, we take you deep into the physical experience so as to surpass worldly distractions and arrive at a quieter place a little closer to home. We move through a slow flow allowing you to hold the poses for longer.  This class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience.  

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