Our Instructors

Carla Maree

Hi there!

I’m Carla, founder of Happy Hot Yoga. I’m so grateful you’re here and if you’re not already, I invite you to join our community!

A few years back I became so passionate about how yoga helped me change my life, that I wanted to share it with as many people in my local community as I could. Hence, Happy Hot Yoga was born.

From humble beginnings, we now have a team of teachers offering a range of class types, so you are guaranteed to find one that’ll suits your needs. If it’s my class you join, it’ll be fun, dynamic and challenge you from start to savasana. You can expect me to guide you through a practice which leaves you feeling physically aligned, alive, emotionally empowered and mentally inspired.

Which ever class or teacher you visit at Happy Hot Yoga, I hope from the bottom of my heart that you experience what you need. Be that a place to relax, a place to laugh or a place to make friends and feel part of a community.

We are so much more than just a yoga studio we are a yoga family. I look forward to meeting and welcoming you soon.

xx Carla

Dini Martinez

Dini is a humble and beautiful soul who shares her love of teaching with the Happyhotyoga community through her Yin and Power class. We are also very lucky to have Dini host annual teacher training and workshops with the studio.

Tamazin Fisher

Passionate and enthusiastic about Yoga, Tamazin’s 
background is in Yin and Vinyasa. Tamazin brings her modern and calming
practice to the Happy hot yoga family with her soothing flows.

Zona Gabriel

Zona came to Yoga in her late 40’s and can’t believe she didn’t start sooner! She loves the impact that Yoga has had on her health and happiness as well as the sense of community found. She wants to share this through her Yin classes.


Bree Stellinga

Bree is a Canadian who has trained in ashtanga, Hatha and vinyasa yoga in India. She brings a humble approach to challenging postures, while integrating yogic philosophy and breathing techniques that allow the student to go deeper within ones own practice. She offers a strong class to ensure student are challenged while still offering modifications for less seasoned practitioners.=

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson born in California, of Black American and Native American decent has always been guided to have a strong connection to the Earth, movement and song.

Very early on Jordan learned a deep respect for energy and expression from her elders and now shares this knowledge through her teachings.  Jordan specializes in teaching Bikram, Vinyasa and Power yoga.

Misato Collyen

My Bikram yoga journey began almost 10 years ago back in Japan. I had no yoga experience before I took my first Bikram class. 

I completed my Bikram yoga teacher training certification in Los Angeles, USA in 2011. 

Bikram yoga is for everyone of all levels, hot yoga practice is great for physical and mental health, it makes our life better in and outside of the room!

I enjoy teaching yoga, sharing my knowledge and self discovering myself in every classes.