It becomes my new favourite class. just right for what my body needs and can handle
I have known Carla Maree Simpson in a professional and personal capacity for the last 4 years. I first started out as a yoga client at her studio when she first opened up and presently still attend but along the way our relationship has developed to a professional one and I help her with her ongoing mission to make the world a happier place. As I have seen the business thrive over the years, so I have seen her thrive too. I am very happy to be an instrumental part of helping her with her podcast called “Get Happy Hour with Carla Maree”, which was a really exciting venture. To see the calibre of guests and topics discussed on the show from health, wellness, coaching, happiness and everything in between has been so rewarding to listen too.

She has said herself on the podcast and in her roles that she is a woman on a mission to make the world a happier place. She gives her time to the community around her and understands the value of relationships. She is a philanthropic business owner with some of the proceeds from the Happy Hot Yoga studio going towards helping feed children in India. Outside of the yoga studio, she is also a gym franchise owner in Anytime Fitness Woy Woy and works as a successful personal trainer. She helps countless people outside of the health and the mind-body-spirit arena too; she is a member of The Speakers Institute. She has delivered countless talks to schools, businesses and members of the public speaking on topics predominantly to do with on how to find happiness in today’s world and has developed a toolkit to help with achieving that shift in mindset for society with methods that she also highlights in her book “Get Happy Now”.

Carla is an incredible and hardworking entrepreneur, she has it all – admirable and funny to aspirational. I’m so pleased and honoured to provide a character personal statement for her.

Ms Simran Basson
Carla always teaches a great class
Lee Cavender
Dear Carla I thought I’d write to thank you for a wonderful space for yoga and wellbeing that you have created. It is a truly unique place, unlike any other yoga studios that I attended before. Giving the floor to various teachers who guide in various yoga styles and traditions provides versatility to our yoga practice. All teachers are excellent – skillful, caring and passionate about teaching yoga. For us, the benefits of regular yoga are immense and being able to practice under the guidance of such high-quality teachers is truly beneficial. Coming to the studio, lying on the mat and breathing out the worries of the day in anticipation of the class, is one of my favourite times of the day. Happy Hot Yoga is also unique because you, as a founder, created a culture of belonging, connection and growth. My husband Pino and I enjoy being part of this wonderful community. We met lovely people in the studio and found good friends. We enjoy our regular get-togethers, yoga workshops with invited teachers, and yoga challenges. The studio is a bubbly, energetic and nourishing space, very much like your personality, Carla. We love being part of Happy Hot Yoga and we thank you again for providing this nurturing space for our Central Coast community. Sincerely,
Katya Todarello
Fantastic experience
Renate Landman
Happy Hot Yoga Describes the very nature of the business. Happy, hot and very yoga. A fabulous little yoga studio in the heart of Woy Woy that Carla Maree Simson has turned into an amazing community. This isn’t just her business this is her passion to help people improve not only their physical wellbeing but their mental wellbeing. Carla a determined, extremely hardworking and generous young woman has grown this business over the last few years from scratch, and I am very lucky to have been a part of this. I have watched her motivate and challenge her clients and encourage them to be the best they possibly can. This is an amazing contribution to our Peninsular community and very deserving of an award. I hope reading this helps give other people the confidence to join this Happy Hot Yoga community.
Dina Pescosta
QS Quacquarelli Symonds
Nice and slow with strong posses after warm up 😀
Andrew Dainty
I am so glad i began my yoga journey with Carla and her team and will be forever grateful for the positivity and encouragement they've shown. Undertaking regular classes has helped me grow in ways I didn't realise I needed and during a time i didn't think i could. The variety of classes, sincerity and humility of the teachers has me constantly looking forward to my next class. I truly believe I am a better version of me physically and mentally for it, i can't say thank you enough to Carla for welcoming me in.
Initially I tried out your classes as a friend was seeking a yoga buddy and I was apprehensive as it had been so long since I’d done anything for me and given everything I had into running a household, a full time career and nurturing three energetic little people for 12 years. But I got so much out of your classes that I have described it as getting a workout, seeing a therapist, going to the chiropractor, and getting a massage all wrapped into one! Carla, I deeply treasure the nourishment, wisdom, and art you so generously share at Happy Hot Yoga. Your ability to live simply, happily and abundantly is an inspiration and I admire and respect you as my yoga fairy god mother.
Mary Rosano
I’ve had the privilege of being a member of the Happy Hot Yoga studio for two years now. During this time I have found Carla’s energy, enthusiasm and support so encouraging. I was so inspired by the community Carla has created that I signed up to join her on the 2018 Yoga Retreat in Bali. The retreat was run exceptionally well with a structured program including engaging dinners at various locations across Ubud. The program provided flexibility to those who didn’t wish to join the tribe every night. The facilities Carla booked were excellent and I especially loved the extra special touches including a tour to a scared waterfall and swimming spot. Carla is a kind, generous business leader. Her studio contributes to a charity providing meals to the disadvantage in India and last year Carla personally travelled to India providing her own time and support.
Shaun Murphy
My name is Peter Stech and I would like to submit the following testimonial. I have been enjoying the yoga classes in Carla's Happy Hot Yoga Studio in Woy Woy for many years. Carla is one of my favourite yoga teachers and I have improved my practice because of her. She even encouraged me to commit to a yoga teacher training course and invited me to teach at her studio. Carla is very supporting to her students, her teachers and to everyone who walks into her door. Happy Hot Yoga Woy Woy is the best Yoga Studio on the Central Coast and the only one which teacher FlyHighYoga.
Jessica Moody
It is with great pleasure that I give my recommendation for Carla Simpson, following her nomination for a business achievement award. Since founding Happy Hot Yoga 4 years ago Carla has transformed her fledgling business into a thriving, growing business. I have watched as Carla has enthusiastically grown her clientele. It is so obvious that it is her passion & not just a job. In summary, * Carla is the founder, director and motivator of “Happy Hot Yoga” * Happy Hot Yoga was founded in 2015 * Happy Hot Yoga has grown to having over 20 classes a week over several different yoga styles * Carla was a guest speaker on Health at the 2019 Mind Body & Spirit Festival in Sydney * Carla was a guest speaker at The Central Coast Council’s “Live Well Festival “ in 2019 * Carla has brought the innovative Flying High Yoga to the Central Coast. This involved overseas training for both herself & some of her yoga instructors * Carla is continually sourcing and bringing different Yoga and Health training to her studio e.g. Specialised Usui Reiki Training Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher Training * Carla is continually supporting both her local community and overseas charities e.g. Sponsoring Woy Woy Junior Rugby League Regularly donating to B1G1 ( Buy 1, Give 1) supporting the under-privileged children in 3rd world countries * Carla organises and leads an annual Yoga retreat in Bali for her clients * During 2019 Carla toured India, giving up her time to teach in an orphanage * Carla’s enthusiasm flows on to the surrounding business’s that benefit greatly from her presence, e.g. BBF Café & Anytime Fitness Woy Woy * Carla has created an awesome community with special events e.g. fundraising trivia & social nights at local restaurants Carla is a worthy recipient of a business achievement award Yours Sincerely
Mark Simpson
Anytime Fitness Woy Woy President of the Rotary Club of Wyong Tuggerah
What an inspiration Carla is and will continue to be, the sheer personal drive and growth reflects throughout all her businesses and her lifelong journey of being an advocate of pure happy, many humble thanks Carla" -- Have a lovely day! Kind regards
Carla is my Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness at Woy Woy. Carlas’ encouragement and enthusiasm assists me to get the most out of myself. Her ability to teach me the ins and outs of the gym has been instrumental to my success. Carla has well and truly surpassed anything I could hope for. At the beginning of my membership, Carla took me shopping and came to my place for healthy eating and cooking ideas. Carla gives of herself in ways that benefit her members. Her endless dedication to the gym and her clients is remarkable. Carla is definitely one of a kind and I can credit her with a lot of my success.
Dianne Condon
Happy Hot Yoga is owned by the lovely Carla! Carla is a very passionate, caring person who makes you feel very comfortable in the studio, and we all feel like part of a family. Happy hot yoga studio is the best yoga studio on the coast, with lots of varied classes for beginners or regular students. It is very good value for money, and options in paying for how many classes you choose to do, the studio is always clean and fresh with scented candles in some classes so you automatically feel relaxed and calm. I would highly recommend popping into studio and trying all the classes out!
Slow but intense power flow - such a great class with Tamazin
Sherri Ford
Wonderful yoga studio with a lovely community of people. Love this place. It’s been my home from home while I’ve been away from home Carla, congratulations on building such a happy, supportive yoga community! Your energy and enthusiasm is appreciated. Happy 4th Birthday 🎂 I have trained Carla in a variety of yoga styles and been impressed with her natural talent and flair for teaching yoga and relating to students. It has been wonderful to see Carla grow, develop her skills and witness her studio flourish and be so welcoming to the local community. I recently visited Happy Hot Yoga and was so impressed with the beautiful studio Carla has created and the ideal mix of classes offered to suit all levels and ages.
❤️🙏 Michelle Baldwin
Malcolm’s Hatha classes are challenging but very enjoyable. You can’t help but leave with a sense of accomplishment and a smile on your face!
Sherri Ford
I have been attending Happy Hot Yoga for a little over a year. During this time, I have experienced a huge improvement to my Health and Wellbeing. I had to work my way up with the more gentle classes and now I participate in and love them all! There is a wide variety of classes and times which makes the studio so accessible. There is a sense of community and always words of encouragement from Carla. The membership passes are the best value on the coast!”
Zona Gabriel
Central Coast Primary Care
Amazing! Can’t wait to come back
Jessica Jenkin
I have tried many yoga studios over the years and I can honestly say hand on heart that Happy Hot Yoga is my absolute favourite. Carla has a wonderful ability to inspire, lead and motivate. She has a seemingly endless supply of energy which she uses to great effect running her businesses and helping her many students to be the best versions of themselves. Carla is incredibly well read and well-travelled and she uses all her experience and thirst for knowledge to guide and empower her students on their personal yoga journeys. I was so grateful to find Happy Hot Yoga at a time when the youngest of my 3 children had turned 2 and I still had a very large abdominal separation. In the first class I took with Carla I could barely hold a downward dog for more than a few seconds but now 3 years later my abdominal separation has completely closed and I feel stronger and more mentally balanced than I have ever been. Thank you so much Carla for all the wonderful energy you give out into to the world you have made such a positive impact on my life.
Arriane Rutherford
Carla & the crew at Happy Hot yoga bring a quality class that marries traditional yoga teachings with modern western practice. I Feel so much better! The increase in flexibility, strength & focus is amazing.
Keenan Morgan
I have been working for and with Carla for a good year now and it's been nothing but pure joy. I teach weekly yoga classes at her fantastic yoga studio in Woyowy and have started running my 8-month 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training at her beautiful studio earlier in the year. Carla is not only super passionate, authentic, professional and enthusiastic about the many things she does (gym, yoga, podcast, speaking...), but also very straight forward to work with. Anything that comes up, from small to big issues, can be discussed straight away and solved with no dramas. I love her upfrontness and honesty as I never have to second guess, being sure that she will communicate whatever needs to be communicated. Vice versa, I know I can approach her with anything and receive a timely and honest answer. This allows me to feel completely at ease at the studio and give it the best of me. Moreover, she has created a tight-knit, lovely community - something that rarely exists these modern, busy days where know one has time to stop, breathe and listen to one another. She often goes the extra mile (writing monthly newsletters and handing them out in paper form, sharing delicious recipes, organizing monthly community dinners to name but a few) which is felt, appreciated and loved by clients and employees alike. She not only attracts great people, but also brings the greatness out in everyone. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been able to share my passion for Yoga in the way, scope and space that I have been able to. Thanks to Carla, running a business is fun - and the world a happier place.
Dini Martinez
Happy Hot Yoga established, owned and run by Carla Simpson is an oasis on the Central Coast Peninsular for us all. From humble beginnings Carla’s business has grown and thrived, offering us a variety of styles of yoga practice, workshops and mentoring. Carla and her dynamic team positively engage, encourage and develop us on our journey of happy, healthy and balanced mind and body fitness – no matter our level, age, gender or motivation. Carla’s knowledge and genuine passion and commitment to responsible teaching and sustainable training makes Happy Hot Yoga a professional, inclusive, safe environment, allowing long term clients, as well as ever increasing new faces, achieve our objectives in an inviting and ethical space. Thank you Carla and Happy Hot Yoga.
Manuella Pusic.
Cynthia was amazing!
Lee Cavender
Woy woy is very lucky to have Happy Hot Yoga. Happy hot yoga has been solely created and evolved by Carla Simpson, a truly inspiration individual, who is incredibly dedicated to her studio and her students. To have a teacher as equally passionate and talented in both the physical and emotional aspects of yoga is so valuable in this fast paced world. Through Carla's yoga classes, podcasts and her approach to life, she has improved so many aspects of health, happiness and general wellbeing in my life and that of so many people around me. I am so grateful to have Carla as a role model to me and my tribe, continually providing us with tools, reminders and thought processes to make a positive change in our lives. Thank-you Carla & Happy hot yoga for your dedication and mission for making the world a happier and healthier place.
I have worked with Carla for nearly three years now. In this time, she has diligently and successfully run her businesses. These being Anytime fitness Woy Woy, Happy Hot Yoga, podcast and her own personal training syndicate. Beyond this, she has been a great friend, mentor and colleague. Carla is a bright and personable individual with qualities beyond that of her age. She is a highly motivated and skilled individual with a high-level work ethic. Carla’s business growth over the last few years is example of this. She has always taken the initiative to continue her learning and develop her business and practical skills in each of her businesses. She has always taken on new challenges with an open mind and continues to fulfill her goals. Furthering on form this, Carla’s kind nature and giving hand has always been of utmost importance in her personal life. She is always more than willing to help and aid others when she gets the chance. I have seen Carla’s personal growth bloom over the years we have worked together and find her a blessing to be around, at work and on personal time. Her positive nature and optimism have helped her develop valuable innovative practices on both a personal and business level. Carla welcomes new opportunities and is always looking for further advancement.
Sharon Fewings
Hi my name is Frances Rings and I am Associate Artistic Director with Bangarra Dance Theatre. I have been privileged to attend Happy Hot Yoga, particularly Carla Simpson's classes for close to 3 years. Since that time I have noticed a total transformation of my physical and spiritual health. Carla has guided me through a practice that is physically challenging, but is structured to build the mental capacity needed to fulfil my duties at work and home. I notice I am calmer, more able to be in control of my actions and generally a better person. The Yoga Family that Carla has created are closely connected and this is due to the time, effort and commitment Carla has put into her business to make her Studio such a welcome and inspiring place to visit. Carla is not only passionate about Yoga but also her community and demonstrates this by creating opportunities for clients to connect both in the Studio and externally through social events. She welcomes everyone to the studio and embraces their uniqueness creating an environment where everyone feels equal and valued. I recommend Carla as a worthy recipient because she selflessly cares about her clients and enriches our community through her many contributions. We are all better people, and a better Community because of people like Carla. Kindest Regards,
Frances Rings
“I loved being part of the first HHY meditation course! I had been trying to incorporate meditation into my life for a few years with little success. Carla’s course has given me the jump start I needed. Now meditating once every day – hopefully soon to be twice. The practical and supportive focus of this course enabled me to incorporate into my daily routine with confidence. I would highly recommend participating and remaining linked in with your group after the course as well.
Gabriel Zona