SUNDAY 27th MARCH 12.30-3.30
Are you wanting to achieve good health , peace and purpose in your life?
Explore the power of sound now!
You will then be nurtured with a long Sound Journey as you lie down and receive Medicine Crow and Robyns Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, Native American Flute, Medicine Drum,Toning and Overtoning, Chimes, Gongs and many more sacred instruments to support you in going into a deeply relaxed and healing state.
Crow and Robyn bring together a wealth of experience in facilitating journeys, holding space and collaborating together for over 22 years.
Next Shamanic Journey
“Animal Totem” Meditation with Crow
Poweful Chakra Toning /Mantra with Robyn
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As healers of various alternative modalities, they are passionate about sharing their wisdom to assist others to find deep inner peace and to guide humanity to remembering their true nature of spirit.
Bookings essential
Only 20 spaces available
Entry $38
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Bring yoga mat or towel , blanket, pillow and water
“Clinical studies demonstrate that sound and guided-imagery meditation can boost the immune system, decrease stress hormones, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and induce alpha and theta brainwave patterns, which are associated with the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers”
– Dr Mitchell Gaynor