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Carla Simpson is the owner of Happy Hot Yoga and loves yoga, health and fitness so much that she wants to share it with the community in which she was raised and her family has belonged her entire life.

Carla started her Yoga journey many years ago doing classes at home with her mum who is a big lover and believer in the benefits of regular Yoga.

After years of practising yoga at other studios to help her fitness training Carla also discovered the many benefits both mentally and spiritually and says she would not be the person she is without learning this wonderful art of discovering herself through yoga postures and asanas.

Carla has recently finished her teacher training and has become so passionate about what regular yoga practice can do that she is opening the Happy Hot Yoga studio and invites everyone to come and experience what practising hot yoga in our Healing Room will do for you.

Dini Martinez

Dini has been in love with yoga for almost 20 years. She is an experienced Yoga teacher with over 2,000 teaching hours, Reiki practitioner, Ayurvedic consultant, writer and retreat leader. Being a globetrotter and free-spirit, people around the world – including refugees and prisoners - have been impacted by her practice. Mother of three, Dini splits her life between land and sea and regularly takes her young kids sailing, including on a recent three year voyage around the Mediterranean Sea. Early 2018 she moved to the Central Coast to build an off-grid, top-sustainable house at the Narara Eco Village.

In her holistic Ayurveda Life sessions; intimate Reiki healings; personalised Doula gatherings; technically sound yoga; and spiritually inspirational meditation classes, workshops and retreats, breath by breath you too start merging with the power of your dreams. Exploring life’s potential way beyond the mat and the limited ‘ego perspective’, it is apparent that life is a journey – so why not make it a great one?! Growth is unlimited, inspired not only by great masters, old scriptures and regular 10-Day silent meditation retreats, but also the connections we make with ourselves, all other living creatures and Mother Earth every.single.day.

Currently Dini teaches Pre- & Post-natal, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga, as well as monthly workshops on a diversity of topics, including Chakras, Ayurveda, Meditation, Inversions and Backbends. In 2019, Dini will launch her Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Happy Hot Yoga in WoyWoy.



Polly has been practicing Yoga for many years, and teaching for 5. Having moved from Melbourne last year, she is loving the beauty of the Central Coast (and the warmer weather!) Like many, what started out as a purely physical practice of Yoga, with time she started to notice the shifts that were occurring as a part of this re-discovery of body, breath and mind.

Yoga has brought her back home to herself with a new sense of freedom and peace, and it’s from this space she is motivated to share this with others. Polly is passionate about creating a nurturing space for others to heal and discover more about their own true nature and does this by combining her personal experience with various trainings in Yoga, Counselling and Embodiment practices. She loves the physical. mental & emotional benefits of a Yin practice and is looking forward to sharing that with everyone at Happy Hot Yoga.

Polly has a Certificate in Holistic Counselling (The Awakening Group), 500 hour Advanced Teacher Training from the Byron Yoga Centre, 30 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Jo Phee, 100 hour Embodied Mindfulness Teacher Training with Tina Nance , 30 hrs of Yoga Psychology online training with Ashley Turner and is currently studying Yoga Therapy with Adore Yoga.



After working in corporate sales for a number of years, in 2009 Jacqui decided to follow her heart and swapped her business suits for lycra tights. She became a certified Pilates teacher after training with 'Studio Pilates' in Brisbane. In 2011 she embarked upon Yoga teacher training with Power Living Australia Yoga. The decision would redefine her spiritual and professional path. Jacqui lives and breathes yoga! She adores the immaculate balance of strength and flexibility yoga provides. Over the past seven years, she has studied extensively in health and wellness, taught countless yoga and Pilates classes to both large groups and individuals alike. She has also undertaken additional training in Prenatal and Postnatal (mums and bubs) yoga.

Kind words from our valued customers

Carla captivated me from the moment she stepped on stage. Her warmth and passion was undeniable but it was her personal and extremely vulnerable story that really resonated for me. I left the talk with a tear in my eye and inspiration in my heart, believing pursuing my dreams wasn't just a fairytale. I now run my own business as a nutritionist and a yoga instructor and feel like I shine brighter everyday, doing what truly makes me happy.

Carla's warmth and genuine desire to help others is evident. Her clarity of thinking, listening skills and questioning ability really draw out a deep understanding of your pain points, perhaps in areas even you haven't acknowledged yourself but are very real. Her commitment to getting you to your true happy is second to none and I've no doubt will result in a profound effect on your life.

Carla Maree has contributed massively to the person I am today; she has shown and taught me things that have made me grow in such a positive way as a person.

One of my favorite life practices that Carla has taught me is having goals for the week and of course putting them pen to paper. Implementing this system into my weekly routine has helped a lot as it makes me think about what I desire and it helps me achieve them as I have written them down.

Another great practice that I do with Carla is emailing each other daily saying something nice about the other person and something about yourself

Carla is one of a kind, with an inspirational passion for life, an laugh infectious laugh and a fun loving, courageous spirit. After listening to her speak you feel inspired to be a better version of yourself. Carla’s wise, encouraging, inspirational and motivational message leaves you feeling grounded, ready to take on any challenges that you’re facing in life and inspired to follow your dreams. Her positive and radiant energy lift you up and help you see the bigger picture in life. Carla is one of the most authentic, enthusiastic and high energy speakers that I have seen and I highly recommend her to anyone!