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What to Expect

Our studio has a lovely and pristine space to practice YOGA.  You can meditate and discover your full potential without the hustle and bustle of the outside world.​

At Happy Hot Yoga, we uses far infared (fir) heaters which is installed safely in the ceiling to heat the room between 30-40 degrees that we synchronize to what type of class we are performing.  The infrared heat is classified as a healing heat to provide a therapeutic yoga practice that will empower all ages and levels of health, fitness and athleticism.  The unique combination of heat and yoga rejuvenates the body.  It upholds healing, boost up the immune system, builds strength, flexibility,  and prevents gradual stiffening of the joint deterioration.  It also assists our body to mobilize toxins and sweat from our body.  The studio is maintained at 30 degress by far infared (fir) heaters for optimal therapeutic benefits which purify body and mind. 

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    ​Happy Hot Yoga Pass - Please bring with you to every class your yoga pass that you have purchased from Happy Hot Yoga. If you forget your pass you will be charged at the full casual rate of $20.00 per class. 

    All Students should arrive early - While it’s mandatory for new students to arrive 15 minutes early, all should practice arriving early to allow time to sign in, settle in and to connect with the purpose of the class.

    Sign in Policy - Please stop by the front desk and check in with the desk worker. Sign in at Is critical as each and every person must be accounted for. 

    Final Sale - Please choose wisely; all sales are final. This applies to classes and products. No refunds. If you are unsure about your schedule, please choose a shorter-term package.

    No Late Arrivals - Classes start on time. Late arrivals will not be permitted to enter the Healing Room. 

    Mat, towel and water bottle are required! - Always practice with a mat, towel and water bottle. These are available sale if you forget something (no IOUs).

    Personal Belongings - Here at Happy Hot Yoga all personal belongings are to be left in the lockers outside our  healing room that we provide, this includes your jumper, wallet, mobile phone and are to be placed in the lockers provided for your safety and to keep the healing room clean and tidy for yoga. The only items that are allowed in the healing room is your towel, water bottle and yoga mat.  All electronic devices (this includes your mobile phone) are to be put on silent before placing them in our lockers provided. Please note that heat and electronics do not mix well!

    Healing Room Silence - Please observe the sacred silence of the healing room. This quiet stillness is one of the greatest gifts we give each other and ourselves.  We are very strict here at Happy Hot Yoga with sacred silence in our healing room and if you talk you will be asked to leave!​


    Be mindful of the space around you. Try to avoid bumping into your neighbor and stepping on other people’s mats. Keep your eyes on your own practice. Every BODY is made different. Wandering eyes can promote comparison and competition. Please wipe up any sweat around your space. Try to stay in the room for the entire class. Please apply deodorant prior to entering the healing room.  Arrive with clean feet and leave shoes in the shoe holders provided outside the healing room.  Please advise us of any injuries/illness/and whether you might be pregnant or are breastfeeding (do not practice within 48/hrs of any diarrhoea/fasting). 
    We advise not to eat any large meals 2 hours before class and make sure you are hydrated. 
    Please note that maintaining regular meals when practicing yoga is very important (juice diets and fasting do NOT fuel hot yoga). 
    A regular practice of Happy Hot Yoga 3-5 times a week is when you will really start to feel the benefits and discover who you really are.
    we invite you to come and say hello, hang out with your friends after class and just enjoy the space. we look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!

    Kind words from our valued customers

    Carla captivated me from the moment she stepped on stage. Her warmth and passion was undeniable but it was her personal and extremely vulnerable story that really resonated for me. I left the talk with a tear in my eye and inspiration in my heart, believing pursuing my dreams wasn't just a fairytale. I now run my own business as a nutritionist and a yoga instructor and feel like I shine brighter everyday, doing what truly makes me happy.

    Carla's warmth and genuine desire to help others is evident. Her clarity of thinking, listening skills and questioning ability really draw out a deep understanding of your pain points, perhaps in areas even you haven't acknowledged yourself but are very real. Her commitment to getting you to your true happy is second to none and I've no doubt will result in a profound effect on your life.

    Carla Maree has contributed massively to the person I am today; she has shown and taught me things that have made me grow in such a positive way as a person.

    One of my favorite life practices that Carla has taught me is having goals for the week and of course putting them pen to paper. Implementing this system into my weekly routine has helped a lot as it makes me think about what I desire and it helps me achieve them as I have written them down.

    Another great practice that I do with Carla is emailing each other daily saying something nice about the other person and something about yourself

    Carla is one of a kind, with an inspirational passion for life, an laugh infectious laugh and a fun loving, courageous spirit. After listening to her speak you feel inspired to be a better version of yourself. Carla’s wise, encouraging, inspirational and motivational message leaves you feeling grounded, ready to take on any challenges that you’re facing in life and inspired to follow your dreams. Her positive and radiant energy lift you up and help you see the bigger picture in life. Carla is one of the most authentic, enthusiastic and high energy speakers that I have seen and I highly recommend her to anyone!